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2022 Bug Blitz Bus Blast Campout

Author: Eddie Hedrick

This year’s Mo-Kan “Bug Blitz, Bus Bash” did not officially include camping as part of the venue because it was a new venue which needed a lot of organization and a short time to put together. This didn’t stop several of us die-hard campers from starting the year off camping. Lynne & I packed up the “Orange Crush” on Friday before the event and headed for Smith Fork Campground in Smithville. Our trip from Columbia was uneventful until we hit Rt. 435 which was closed due to a person shooting out of hotel window toward the highway! We were able to get off and take an alternate route. Once arriving at the campground we encountered several other VW camping enthusiasts. Dan and April Nedved, and Greg Sloma from Omaha, Mike Fuerbacher and his daughter Laura, her boyfriend, and Mike’s son Caleb, all brought their buses. Jason George brought his beetle and his vintage camper. Leo Vandelft showed up in his barn-door “splitty” as well.

We all set up our camp sites and got into our camping groove. We prepared drinks, and meals and just sat around the fire enjoying the experience. The facilities were very nice and the camp host “Doug” was very cordial and supplied us with ice and fire wood. Bob and Beverly Rice, Jeff Adams, and Marty Hoffman, who were not camping, stopped by and enjoyed the evening with us. The weather held and we retired to nice evening. During the night it rained pretty hard and we woke up on show day to a very wet camp. As was discussed in last month’s newsletter, the Mo-Kan show in Smithville was second to none. We returned to the campground on Saturday afternoon and were joined by Sam Ervin, Jeff Adams and his wife for libations. We sat around the fire Saturday night and enjoyed the evening before turning in. Not what one would consider newsworthy but it was a perfect way to start off the camping season. Good venue, good friends and a beautiful evening.