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Freeze Your Bus Off 2022

Author: Jason George

FYBO started off appropriately frozen on Friday, Jan 7th, 2022. One never really knows how many or how few will attend this chilly event. On a low end, there are 3 people but we have also seen over a dozen. I enjoy the larger crowds of course but there are only a few that can fit around a single campfire - or TV - as the case may be.

I was the first to arrive on Friday night. For a moment I wondered “what if no one else shows up”. I decide to embrace a weekend of solitude if that’s the hand I am dealt.

The campsites weren’t completely empty anyway. There was a solitary tent and a familiar maroon Toyota wagon. It seems most years we have been visiting this campground we have seen this couple. They once mentioned they enjoy camping out here once a month year round. Interesting!

There is a peculiar thing we’ve noticed while camping in the mostly deserted campground during the fridge weather, it’s surprisingly busy for being deserted. Every hour or two, someone drives down the lane to see all the snow covered campsites. This happens quite a bit more often than I can explain.

Within minutes of my arrival, a young man driving a late model Mustang passes by. He stopped to take in the sight of the 1965 Bug pulling a 1968 Appleby. He was most perplexed and has many curious questions for me. As far as he could tell I was out here camping by myself. That would be crazy of course. Once a few other people show up doing the same thing, “crazy” becomes just another VW event.

Jeff Adams was next to arrive with his blue and white bay. We decided to share the site donated to us by Brad Speaks. While it was nice to enjoy a free camping site, we would have much rather Brad have been feeling well enough to be here. Get well soon Brad and thanks for the camping spot!

Mark Hoerl might have been here sooner if not for bus troubles. We can all relate to that, right! Mark is the founder and the one who named FYBO. He believes the first FYBO might have been in 2004. We noted that a 20 yr anniversary of the event would be in order in a couple years. Mark wasn’t going to let a breakdown stop the fun so he showed up pulling a nice camping trailer behind his truck. We were glad to see him! Now this was an event, not just one or two crazy people camping in the freezing weather!

Friday night was spent staying warm by the campfire. Saturday promised better weather.

Saturday morning reminded us how much this won’t be the same without Howard Reed. Even though the cold camping didn’t seem to bother Howard at all, sadly, he and Ginger moved to Florida this year. Howard usually made biscuits and gravy for breakfast at FYBO in the past. Jeff didn’t let the tradition die. He came prepared with the exact same recipe, same skillet, same Carhartt jacket, all donated by Howard! We think the milk and biscuits were new though. All enjoyed a warm breakfast made by Jeff and inspired by Howard.

FYBO is an event that always draws in some visitors. Jason Pack came by in a blue and white high top bay bus. He visited for a good long while but had to get home to tend to the doggos. Good to see him again.

Mid-day, Dan Nedved and Greg Sloma nearly doubled the size of our event with their arrival. Ned was driving his ‘65 splitty bus. Greg was rolling the amazing custom LT-40 Firetruck turned awesome camper. If you haven’t seen this LT40, you need to. Look up “LT-40 Build” on YouTube.

Later Lyndon Thenhaus and his pup, Bailey, made an appearance. Lyndon didn’t bring his bus this time but did visit for a while.

Rachel Payne also dropped by for a few to see how things were going.

Jeff pointed out we might have missed the Chiefs vs Broncos game but thankfully he brought at TV with rabbit ears! Chiefs win - woohoo!