About The Club

The Mo-Kan Volkswagen Club was established in January 1985.

One of the many benefits of being a member comes with associating with people having a common interest in Volkswagens.

We meet the second Wednesday of each month. Our goal is to consistently meet at the same place chosen by our Event Planner.

We organize Kansas City's VW Car Show every year. There are over 100 entries at each show, with a wide representation of VWs from stock to custom, cooled by air or water.

Members have the opportunity to meet countless like-minded enthusiasts and knowledgeable VW mechanics. Your membership makes Kansas City's VW Scene possible.

We have VW-only swap meets typically 2 times a year. What better way to pick up those hard to find parts?

Dues are only $20 per year.

Current Club Officers
President:Jason George
Vice President:Chad Cunningham
Secretary:Ginger Read
Treasurer:Jason George
Sergeant At Arms:Mike Kersten
Historian:Marty Hoffman
Event Planner:Rachel Payne
Show Planner:Rachel Payne
Merchandise & Sales:Kevin Ott
News Letter Editor:Eddie Hedrick
Webmaster:Jeff Goodnight
Listing of past officers